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Alisha Golec - thirty9 Artist

Alisha Golec
"I see photography as a way to help me communicate things that words cannot fully express."
~ Alisha Golec

Meet the thirty9 Photographer

Through her camera lens, Alisha Golec loves seeing things more clearly than one might be able to with the naked eye. After taking black and white film photography classes in high school, Alisha sidelined her interest in the craft until a move to the Pacific Northwest reignited her attraction as she hiked and explored all the wonders of the region. “The more I saw, the more I wanted to capture it and share it with others.” Alisha finds inspiration through the challenges presented by wanting to grow as a photographer and learn new techniques, such as her most recent interest in night photography. We love how Alisha describes her photography style as, “intimate landscapes.” “While I love a big grandiose scene, I like to find the small details within the scene that are beautiful to me - the shape of a rock or a river bend, or blades of grass sticking through the snow, are usually the things I notice to make me feel like I’m there again.”
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