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Archie Frink - thirty9 Artist

Archie Frink
"Don’t be afraid to look deeply into a thing or a place. Celebrate intimacy in life with joy and gratitude."
~ Archie Frink

Meet the thirty9 Photographer

“Our strongest human qualities can be communicated in the absence of a human subject.” That epiphany came to Archie Frink years after being moved by an Ansel Adams photograph of a wintertime scene in Yosemite National Park. It’s no surprise then that Archie spends every available moment in nature, cherishing the quiet moments gifted to us by our planet: an alpine lake sunrise, lighted moss in an old forest, or the solitude of a mountaintop. Archie’s consistently inspired by the natural world, which he sees as an endless source of creativity and wisdom. Given his keen sense of wonder for all-things wilderness, it’s no surprise that Archie’s goal with his photographs is to communicate fresh perspectives and the rare beauty of our precious natural treasures. “...being open to the moment and finding a spiritual essence or intimacy of place is my mark of a true photograph.”
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