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Meet the Artist - Bruce Getty
Bruce Getty
"For me photography is not a job, it’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle."
~ Bruce Getty
Bruce Getty has always been an artist in one way or another. Although he doesn’t have formal training, his self-taught skills have been forged over years of dedication to his craft. The prevalent sunrises and sunsets in Bruce’s work have special meaning to him after spending a period of time battling drug addiction. “If it wasn’t for my recovery I wouldn’t be here; I traded my drug addiction for the love of nature and truly appreciate watching sunrises and sunsets.” During Bruce’s recovery, he spent time in a center on Treasure Island in San Francisco, where he worked with a lot of artists. “It was on Treasure Island that I decided I wanted to be a photographer.” Bruce began by photographing bridges and unique areas on Treasure Island, which still influences his photography. “The Bay Area is loaded with incredible architecture and the weather gives us unique fog situations that truly take any scene to another level.” Today, photography for Bruce is a lifestyle more than a vocation. He thrives on chasing light and clouds, watching weather conditions, and hiking to remote locations.”I am seeing the world like I’ve never seen it before.” If you live in the Bay Area, check out one of Bruce’s workshops, taking photographers to hard-to-reach spots in and around the city.
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