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Clint Losee - thirty9 Artist

Clint Losee
"My work is a simple adventure. It's a sense of what’s out there with a dash of luxury and peace tossed in."
~ Clint Losee

Meet the thirty9 Photographer

Clint describes his life as “a weird merging of technology and the outdoors in some fashion or another.” As a kid, Clint loved being outside, wading through local streams and catching trout. A black and white film class in high school helped Clint realize that the technical aspects of photography blended well with his other interests of computers and the latest gadgets. Years later, his early love of nature merged with his desire to capture and share the beautiful locations he experienced. “Each time I go out, there is something new. That is what keeps me going and searching for that next great image.” Clint has also rediscovered film in his search for a more straightforward approach to photography. “In a way, it’s simpler images that inspire me the most and something I’m working more towards in my work...a more intimate scene or details of nature.” Clint says many of his clients are looking for images that are calming, yet elegant. He even has quite a bit of photography in hospitals, where it brings a sense of peace. “All-in-all I’m a work in progress with my photography. It’s been a great journey so far.”
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