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Lewis Carlyle - thirty9 Artist

Lewis Carlyle
"The camera will take you places you never imagined."
~ Lewis Carlyle

Meet the thirty9 Photographer

Lewis Carlyle believes photographers have the ability to change the world for the better, one photograph at a time. “Our images can cross social boundaries and inspire people of all cultural backgrounds. My work is dedicated to this dream.” Lewis’s first creative career was hand drawing portraits as an illustrator. He began using a camera to shoot reference photos of his clients for better accuracy on the drawing board, leading photography to quickly turn into a passion. After initially shooting portraits, Lewis’s world got a whole lot bigger the day he discovered landscape and cityscape photography, which much of his work focuses on today. He sees chasing Mother Nature’s greatest creations as a superb adventure and always aims to keep things light and fun. “I try to keep things looking as candid and natural as possible. Keep things simple and your audience will appreciate your sincerity.” These days Lewis never leaves home without his camera, as he believes it will take you places you’ve never imagined. “Anyone who loves to travel and experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer should find a special place in their heart for my images.”
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