9 Design Trends for 2019

on December 29, 2018

2019 ushered in a mix of design trends; some are new and a few carry over from the last year or two. Here are nine of our favorite hot trends and photography ideas that compliment the latest in color, texture, and home decor.

1 - Living in color

There is an interesting dichotomy when it comes to vogue color trends this year. Soft earth tones and pastels are still in and a few bold colors are making a comeback. Popular colors settle quietly in the background, like warm beige hues, muted apricots and fresh shades of mint. Sage green became popular in 2017 and is sticking around this year.

On the bright and bold side, saturated red and matte black are “it” colors for 2019. Use them to add a pop of color to any room, with chairs, end tables, and of course wall art. (Black bathroom anyone?) There’s a color palette for every taste. Pastel walls live on and bold colors are also welcome. Or, be daring and paint your walls with bold pastels.

Check out our soft color collection and see what might spark creative inspiration.

2 - Plants, plants, plants

Indoor plants may never go out of style. They add elegance and tranquility to just about any living space. Beyond aesthetics, plants cleanse the air and contribute to good health.

Given that green is still popular, they are also an inexpensive way to bring instant color to your home decor.

No green thumb? Add a splash of green, or any floral mix, to your favorite sunny room with the Step Outside collection from thirty9.

3 - Minimal to the max

The first writings about the joys of simple living were published nearly three decades ago. Tiny houses and clutter-free environments became popular as a result and are still as trendy and as ever. Streamlined spaces are better suited for anyone who doesn’t want to downsize to the extreme, but does want a simpler existence.

Both of these trends led to a rise in the minimalist approach to home decor, creating a demand for clean lines and open spaces across every room.

If you’re in on this trend, shop photography art options that are minimal in texture and color, yet would be an oh-so-elegant addition to any wall.

4 - Hygee, I’m home!

Pronounced “hoo-guh,” hygee is a Danish concept that embodies an overall feeling of cozy and content, or general well-being. If you’ve ever snuggled in with a good book on a snowy day, or savored the aroma of baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate with your grandmother, you have enjoyed hygee without knowing it. In Denmark, (consistently ranked at or near the top of the world’s happiest countries), hygee is considered part of their cultural identity.

After becoming one of the hottest decor trends a couple years ago, hygee continues the march to coziness this year. Look up #hygee on Instagram to see how people identify what is hygee to them, then explore the softer side of thirty9 photography art by shopping for snug and comfy images that can turn any room into a restful getaway.

5 - Geometrics take shape

Geometrics are not a new trend, but the ways that patterns are used has expanded from rugs and cushions, to walls, and even ceilings and floors. Squares, circles, rectangles and other geometric shapes will be even more common in wallpaper, and yes, art.

Rooms that only have one look are no longer trendy. Geometrics are the perfect way to mix styles and designs using color or texture. Abstract photography can make the addition of modern texture and strong geometrics to any environment, fun and easy.

6 - Acrylic is clearly cool

Acrylic furniture has been popular for a while now and remains so for 2019. Acrylic gives a room shape and structure without taking up visual space. This is especially true in small areas. Use acrylic as a core piece, then layer on additional items without the problem of optical business.

Searches for acrylic decor have increased over the last few years, as more people hunt for ways to include this versatile material in their homes. This design trend is highly suited for thirty9, which is proud to offer modern and sleek acrylic as a print option for our photography art. Printed on quarter-inch acrylic for enhanced depth and radiance, acrylic is available in a variety of sizes, in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

7 - Mixed metal

Adding two or three mixed metal accents to an environment is an easy and stylish way to establish balance and variety in a room. Moderation and context are key when considering which metals mix well with each other, but the beauty of this home decor trend is you don’t need to purchase new furniture to simply update a space.

Clocks, lamps, vases and candle holders are all easy additions that can help achieve a mixed metals style in your home. Transform any room with an eye-catching piece of contemporary wall art on a modern-metal print.    

8 - Striking artwork

Beautiful photography will never go out of style, and the perfect image can completely transform the feeling of a room.

Calming and minimal imagery for bedrooms, colorful or whimsical photos for bathrooms or kids’ playrooms. Triptych photos are ideal for large spaces or over sofas.

Photographs of favorite destinations recreate the feeling of a relaxing vacation or transport you to a treasured getaway.

Use a mix of photographs throughout your home to add to its welcoming feel, or pick one piece that speaks to you.  

8 - Your personal touch

The latest trends can be a great starting point when updating or styling a space, but creating a home that is authentic to you is the most important design tool. Decorate your space according to what makes you happy and relaxed; you know, hygee it! Trust yourself and design your own style. That’s the most effective way to create a home you will always enjoy.  

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