A Journey to Quality

on November 12, 2018

19th century author, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford famously wrote that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as long as there’s perfect lighting and composition. Okay, maybe not that last part. But there are several components of a quality photograph that you might not identify at face value, but will feel emotionally.

What does it mean to deliver quality photography? The answer might be subjective, but we think it’s an important question. Here’s each step of the process we follow to ensure photography from thirty9 means exceptional imagery.



Just as gourmet chefs begin with the finest ingredients, we only work with photographers who are the best in the industry. Some are photographers by trade, for others it’s a passionate hobby. But all of them share the thirty9 value of quality work and inspired vision. Our photographers are artists who see the difference between a “pretty” shot and an image that is sui generis. They also see their photography as a reflection of their personal brand, and that shows in their exceptional work.

The photographers of thirty9 have traveled the world, shooting images that inspire and delight, and connect us with the soul of every scene.

Meet three photographers whose international images are awe inspiring.



As thirty9 owner and CEO Richard Miller said in our Fireside Chat, “The most important thing a photograph can have is impact.” That criteria is the lens (pun intended) we use to evaluate and choose photography selections submitted to thirty9. It’s the difference between immediately saying, “Yes!” and taking a few seconds more to decide.

When choosing images for thirty9, our expert curators evaluate the subject, lighting, and composition of a photograph, then add the icing on the cake: emotion. Photographs that pass technical review, and make your heart beat a little faster, are selected for the thirty9 product line. Our resulting portfolio includes images that...

  • move you to look
  • invite you to think
  • take you places
  • stir emotion  

Photographs from thirty9 go beyond visual boundaries, turning your vision of a room into a story to be told.


Professional Printing

When we began to recruit photographers for thirty9, a common thread emerged regarding why they wanted to work with us - quality. It’s what defines us as a company.

Photographers know that quality processing matters to us, because it matters to them.

Every photography print from thirty9 is checked by hand for correct color and density. If it isn’t right, we start over. Our internal accuracy standards are so effective that other labs come to us for insight into our processes. That speaks to our dedication and commitment to producing quality work, from the time an order enters the lab until it ships out to your home.

Whether decorating a living room or energizing an office, photography art from thirty9 begins with expert photographers and ends with the same foundation of quality that Miller’s Professional Imaging was built upon many years ago. Let photography from thirty9 complete your vision of inspired rooms and unique perspectives.

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