An Investment for Your Walls

on April 22, 2019

Quality Art: An investment for your walls

Whether you’re moving into a new home, redecorating, or redesigning your existing property, you want the rooms to reflect your personality and the way you live your life (or the way you want to). Decorating a room is synonymous with your individual self-expression - your lifestyle - and getting it just right feels really good. It can also be an investment in something that will endure.

Think of another high-end brand - Rolex, for example. You can purchase any number of watches that will tell the time, but to own a Rolex is to know you have a high-quality, classic timepiece that will last. It’s about being part of a addition to simply knowing the time of day.

The same holds true at thirty9. Of course cheaper art is available elsewhere, but you won't experience the connection and quality of the photography we passionately deliver to our customers. (Hint: if your art doesn’t hang straight or looks a little faded, it’s time to spruce up your walls.)

A picture of quality

A high-quality piece of wall art can completely transform the look and feel of a space; you can totally make it your own which is downright fun to do!

That’s why a quality piece of wall art that you connect with is an investment into the heart and soul of your home. Given that art is often a more permanent fixture in a room than say...cushions, throws, or candles, it makes sense to consider it a home decor item worth spending a little extra on. Not only will the piece itself last as long as you need it to, but you can consider it a reflection of your lifestyle and a statement about the room you hang it in. For quick and easy updates, recycle the more versatile, soft, decorative items on a regular basis, as they can be less of an investment but still look fantastic.

What makes thirty9 different?

When thirty9 curators choose portfolio images, they not only evaluate the subject, lighting, and composition, but also the emotion that comes through. Photographs that are of high technical quality and make you feel something - make you connect with it - are the ones that find their way into our collections and can help you complete your vision of any room.

In addition to the quality of the photography, the material it’s printed on adds to the value, look, and longevity of your investment. Expert technicians from thirty9 spent years searching for and testing the best materials to capture the essence of an image and have selected the fine art paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, and wood that most beautifully features our photography art. Select the one that best suits your room, your personality, and your lifestyle. Either way your walls will love showing off such an eye-catching conversation starter.

At thirty9, our reputation for striking, quality wall art sets us apart. All our photographic pieces are created in-house, where we have direct control over the final product; it arrives ready to hang and enjoy for years to come. Whether decorating a living room or energizing an office, thirty9 makes it easier and better than ever to set the tone for any space.

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