It’s Spring! Revive Those Tired Walls

on January 4, 2019

Spring is springing up! After the long gray days of winter, you’re probably longing for sunshine and the return of color. Spring is the time to prune gardens and fill bird feeders. It’s completely unoriginal here to point out it’s also a great time to focus on deep cleaning rooms and closets that need purging (you know the ones).

But what If you’re like most people, art that goes on the wall, stays on the wall - unless it’s your teenager’s elementary school masterpiece. Sometimes even then.

We’re very happy to reveal that art doesn’t have to become stale home decor. (I know, right?) Unlike items which also serve a purpose - sofas, lamps, or area rugs - art is pure soul food. We simply...look at it. We want to connect with it. Art can help us take a breath and be totally in the moment.

So as you think about where to focus your time and energy this spring, consider these four reasons to refresh the life on your walls.

You don’t connect with art any longer

Prior to photography, people carried around small paintings of loved ones. That speaks to our desire to hold tight to the things we care about; to feel connected. It’s a pretty safe bet you have a piece of art that really spoke to you when you bought it. You couldn’t wait to hang it, and suddenly had more reasons to sneak a visit to that room.

But art is a personal reflection of who we are and let’s be honest, you’ve changed and evolved since you bought that painting ten years ago. So don't be afraid to let it go once your emotional or spiritual connection to it has faded. Social media is a great way to find a new owner who’ll have those same feelings you did when you first saw it.  

To help you find motivation for tossing out the old and bringing in the new, take a look at these fresh and unique pieces. We think you’ll find that getting rid of outdated art has never been so easy and fun.

You want to redecorate

When you decide it’s time to give your favorite spaces a makeover, think about how new photography might spice up the mood of a room.

Including wall art early in your decorating plans can be a huge time saver. Before you go crazy from trying to choose between 10 slightly different shades of blue, purchase new photography first and let it be your color guide. Just identify the dominant photograph color for the walls, then follow secondary shades as a guide to accent decor. Voila!

New art can also create a focal point or bring a sense of texture to a room.

To help you get started, check out our colorful deep reflections collection, featuring multiple thirty9 photographers, to really grab those peaceful spring vibes and enhance your room’s positive energy.

Ultimately, fresh wall art can be the perfect finishing touch to pull a space together and make it feel complete.

Art is damaged or worn

Like other home decor, wall art can age over time. Fading, hard-to-reach dust in the crevices, or a few housing moves, can render your art ready for the local donation box. (Oh, and art that won’t hang straight is a sure sign it needs to go.)

Take advantage of wall-art-well-lived as the perfect reason to create a new gallery wall or spruce up a cozy seating area. Not only will you have a fresh focal point to enjoy, but high quality printing and framing from thirty9 means art that will last for years to come.  

Art is out of style

We’ve recently seen the rise of trendy and inexpensive home decor stores selling in-the-moment items - including wall “art” -  that can be tossed out in a few seasons. If you can relate, your current gallery might need an update.

thirty9’s printing options of metal, acrylic, or wood, make it easy and super cool to modernize your outdated art with photography that is sleek and stylish.

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