Life From the Wall

on November 12, 2018

“Photography is life lit up.”

— Sam Abell

A young boy and his dad sit together and look at photographs, reviewing color and density, lighting and composition.

In those moments meaning was made; not only around the finer aspects of great photography, but around sharing what you love with the people you love more. It’s about connection.

A beautiful photograph allows us to feel our way through a scene and be there with the artist who captured it. On their side, we get it. We see it. We can share it with others.

Our story began 80 years ago, with that boy, Richard Miller, and his dad, Bill, who opened a photography studio in the heart of the Midwest in 1939. Two generations later, that knowledge and experience can’t be replicated; it’s in our DNA.

As photographers, we have a commitment to the quality that defines us as a company.

As lovers of great photography art, we want to share what we love with you.

Welcome to thirty9, a new eCommerce photography company. At thirty9, we’re dedicated to bringing professionally-curated photography to customers seeking to furnish their homes with art that tells a story. We feature and promote photographers who find unique perspectives through their camera lens, connecting you to their vision.

This is the maiden voyage of our blog; Life from the Wall. We believe there’s a perfect photograph for every wall, so we’ll have a lot to say about the love-at-first-sight images you’ll want to hang there.

Life from the Wall will Inform you -- with content you’ll find relevant as you design your homes and spaces. Quality photography for your budget. Seeing old spaces in new ways. Decorating with photography is fun and affordable!

We’ll Connect you -- with our photographers and their behind-the-scenes stories of inspiration and passion. This is the side you have always wanted to be on, and we want to take you there. Who’s who inside our walls and outside; the trailblazers making a difference in their communities and how creativity can connect us in the most unlikely ways.

Design trends and seasonal categories will Inspire you -- as Life from the Wall will keep fingers and frames on the pulse of our trade. Let’s tour an apartment in Nob Hill or check out sustainability trends in home decor. Looks that are smart and modern, with a touch of nostalgia tossed in.

We’ll Encourage you - to show us what you’re doing in your homes! Inspired rooms and unique perspectives; hearing and seeing how you’ve been motivated by thirty9, so we can deliver photography you’ll love for years to come.

These are the pillars of who we are as a brand. It’s more than our job, it’s our commitment. We’d love for you to “hang” around and discover what thirty9 is all about.

Life from the Wall

  • First and foremost we’re extremely happy to introduce you to our Founding 39; the 39 photographers who’ve laid the foundation for our company. Their imagery is spectacular and their stories are... Well, just check them out.
  • Fireside chat with Richard Miller, owner and CEO of thirty9. As a master photographer himself, he reveals what he looks for in choosing photography and what it means to him to bring high-quality images into your homes.
  • In a post we’re super proud of, we’ll give you a peek into the thirty9 professional standards that set the bar for quality photographic printing (Spoiler: Other labs come to us for insight into our process model.) Yeah, we know.
  • Out with the old and end with the new. Spring is a perfect time to replace old art and breathe new life into your walls. What to let go of? thirty9 can help.
  • Hygge, anyone? This cozy decor trend is worth reading about; discover what else is “in” for your home this year and how photography from thirty9 can enhance all of them.

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