Unexpected Places to Hang Your Wall Art

on May 13, 2019

We’re all used to seeing wall art in our living spaces – they tend to have the largest surfaces to hang striking images on, and they’re the places we spend the most time when we’re home, after all.

But there’s also an opportunity to hang wall art in places you may not think of at first, so we’ve collected a list of unexpected spaces just begging for some cool wall art. If you already hang your wall art in alternative places, we’d love to know! Tag us on Instagram @thirty9co to show us your unique spaces.

Wall Art in Your Kitchen

Kitchen walls aren’t exclusively for shelves, utensils, and pans. Hang some foodie wall art that complements the function of the room and enjoy the creative inspiration!

Wall Art in Your Bathroom

While it’s not normally the largest room in the house, you can add real visual interest to your bathroom with smaller-sized wall art. We especially love water-themed pieces. Just don’t forget that the quality of your substrate matters in a room that often gets warm and wet!

Wall Art in Your Dressing Closet

Can’t decide what to wear? Hang some striking wall art for inspiration…or maybe as a distraction while you think about your outfit.

Wall Art in Micro-Locations

We love hanging images that are a take on the ‘real life’ thing they hang next to – a specific location within a room. Photography of windows by your window, desk lamps over your desk, doors by your doors and so on.

Wall Art on and in Your Bookshelves

Yes, you can simply place a photograph on a bookshelf, but how about hanging a striking piece of wall art on the frame itself? A striking image in an unexpected location is a double winner!

Ready to find your own unexpected places for wall art? Shop wall art.

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